English information

TTU Adventure Cycling Club is the bicycle organization of Tallinn University of Technology. Every year from April to November, we organize bike rides, cycling trips and other events. Our goal is to organize interesting events that join the people related to the university and allow the participants to spend some active and athletic free time. As the bicycle organization of Tallinn University of Technology, we direct most of our advertising to the channels related to TTU and therefore it is natural that most of the people taking part of our events are TTU students, alumni and employees. Despite of that, we don’t set any limits to the participants, our events attract also other people and we welcome everyone interested in cycling.

Student Union of TTU has reduced the funding of TTU Adventure Cycling Club to ridiculous levels for year 2017, which has made organizing the events really complicated! One of the side effect is that unfortunately, we can’t offer English information for events of 2017 :(

These events of 2016 have been left behind:

We have an English language mailing list – ttucycling [ät] rattamatkaklubi.ee – for announcing our events. You can be subscribed to this list by writing to Jaanus (jaanus [ät] rattamatkaklubi.ee). Please note that the English newsletter may be delayed sometimes and we can’t promise to share English information about all the events we do, so you might find it useful to also subscribe to our Estonian newsletter and use Google translate for getting an idea of those events, where English information is not available. We also announce our events at our Facebook page and though it is mainly in Estonian, we provide some of the information also in English there. In case you have questions or need clarification, you are always welcome to ask.