Autumn Trip 2015 (Lithuania)

Eestikeelne 2015. aasta Sügismatka info- ja registreerimisleht asub siin.

TTU Adventure Cycling Club’s Autumn Trip 2015 takes place from the 1st to 4th of October in the Aukštadvaris and Trakai area (Lithuania).

We gather for departure in Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol, more precisely in the large parking lot near the Teaduspargi street on Thursday morning at 10:00. We then pack our bicycles on trailers and travel with minibuses to the accommodation facility in Lithuania (the distance is approximately 650 km, so it will take the whole day to travel there). We reach back to the parking lot of Tehnopol in Tallinn on Sunday evening around 23:00.

We welcome on the trip TTU students, alumni, employees and also people from the outside.

The participation fee is 110€ (full price) / 80€ (TTU student price) and contains the following:

  • Transportation for the person, bicycle and hiking gear from Tallinn to the accommodation facility in Lihtuania on Thursday and back to Tallinn on Sunday.
  • Accommodation for three nights in a holiday house in Dalgedų Holiday Village.
  • Sauna and shower in the accommodation facility. We can use the 5 showers in the bedrooms of the house and additionally have reserved a separate sauna house for each of the three evenings. Bring your own towel!
  • Breakfast on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the accommodation facility.
  • Dinner on Friday and Saturday at the accommodation facility.
  • Other smaller everyday bric-a-brac.

The TTU student price is valid for stationary students of TTU (excluding PhD). Additionally there will be small discounts also for people who will participate in preparing the meals.

To register for the event, send an e-mail to and make a wire transfer to our bank account EE501010220085505015 in SEB bank (recipient’s name: Tipikate Rattamatkaklubi). The main registration period will end by Sunday, 27th of September. After that, registration will only be possible in case there are free spots left and the participation fee will be 10€ more then.

Send your registration e-mail from an address, where we can send you important information about the trip and also state your phone number! In case you are stationary student of TTU (excluding PhD) in this year’s September and wish to use the corresponding discount, also include your student code in the e-mail!

The transportation from Tallinn to the accommodation facility and back is organized by 9-seated minibuses (currently we have reserved Renault Trafic Long 2011 and Renault Trafic Long 2015; will find more in case need arises), which have trailers for carrying the bicycles and hiking gear. During Thursday we make stops at shops and cafes, where everyone can buy food and drinks. It should be noted that as we reach to the accommodation facility late on Thursday night (probably around 22:00), we don’t have an organized dinner on that day – you can buy the food during the stops on Thursday.

Among other things, the advantage of our accommodation facility is a superior location, which allows us to visit the Aukštadvaris nature park on one cycling day and the Trakai town and nature park on the other day. Our accommodation facility, as well as both nature parks are located in a beautiful place with lots of lakes and are known as a destination for nature tourism. On both days we are cycling, we plan to cover 70-80 km with our bikes. You need to carry the things you need during the day on your bicycle or backpack. You can leave your luggage you don’t need during the day to the accommodation facility. Both on Friday and Saturday we have a break at some cafe or shop, where you can buy your lunch. We plan to reach back to the accommodation facility around 20:00 on both evenings we are biking. On Sunday we pack everything together and travel with the minibuses back to Estonia, making also some stops at shops and cafes. We reach the parking lot of Tehnopol around 23:00.

NB! TTU Adventure Cycling Club is not a travel company, but a hiking club and this event is not of package travel type. We welcome at the event also people from outside the members of the club, but every participant should acknowledge that paying the participation fee does not mean buying service from us, but joining a clubby event. The essence of the participation fee is to cover the expenses related to organizing the event and does not include protection against accidents. In case of an unexpected and unforeseen event happens, that does not allow us to follow the program in the planned way or in case for example we might have additional expenses due to failure of our transportation vehicles, it is not a problem solely for our organizers, but the situation will be solved in cooperation of the whole group.

This event takes us from Tallinn to a foreign location 650 km away and thus we expect every participant to buy travel insurance on their own! In case you are covered by the state medical insurance, it is also required to have and bring the European Health Insurance Card. Everyone is responsible for their health and safety and TTU Adventure Cycling Club does not have nor offer any such general insurance. In case an accident happens during the event, your travel insurance can cover your medical assistance expenses, as well as provide special transportation back to Estonia later that is appropriate for your condition. When buying the insurance, we strongly recommend not to choose only the health insurance, but also the protections for travel failure and luggage. The former one helps for example in case you become ill before or during the trip and would otherwise lose the paid participation fee. With many insurance companies, the travel failure insurance also helps to find an alternative transportation in case our vehicle transporting us to Lithuania would involve in a traffic accident. Regarding the luggage insurance, it is worth checking if it also covers the transportation of your bicycle – on some companies, bicycles are considered as part of luggage, on others not. In case you need help when choosing the insurance company, just ask from us!

Indrek Roosileht’s film from previous year’s Autumn Trip in Lithuania can be seen here.

In case you are a Facebook user, also join the event page here.

The event is sponsored by Student Union of TTU.