End of Season Party 2016

Eestikeelne 2016. aasta hooaja lõpupeo infoleht asub siin.

The 16th season of TTU Adventure Cycling Club is about to reach an end and before going to hibernation for some months, we will have a jolly party with sauna, dance, grilling, watching photos and videos from the past season and just chatting.

The End of Season Party 2016 takes place on Saturday, 26th of November at Nõmmeveski guesthouse (Nõmmeveski village, Kuusalu parish). We welcome everyone who have took part of our events in the past or are interested in them in the future, as well as our friends and fans.

You may arrive already at 17:00 (this is the time our organizers and early enthusiasts arrive), we light up the grill and the party starts getting alive from 19:00.

If paid latest on 22th of November, the participation fee is 24€. After that, up to the party itself, the fee is 27€. The fee should be transferred to our bank account EE501010220085505015 (recipient’s name is Tipikate Rattamatkaklubi; the account is in SEB bank). In case you make the wire transfer latest at 14:00 on the 25th of November, you don’t need to do anything else for registering to the event; in case you transfer the money later, please call Jaanus before making the transfer (phone +372 56983774).

The participation fee includes the following:
* Party in the fireplace hall.
* Sauna and shower opportunity (bring your own towel).
* Accommodation on the second floor of the same house (there are mattresses present in the house; you need to bring your own sleeping bag or bed linens, blanket, pillow and any other equipment you need for comfort; it is also possible to sleep in the yard of the house with your tent, if desired).
* Catering with principal “food is available all time” (we grill meat and sausages in the evening, have different snacks during night and sandwiches for the morning).

Who wishes, can sleep in more quiet and private rooms for extra charge. The rooms are located in a separate, but nearby house and in each room, there are two beds. The price for one room is 25€ and this includes bed linens for these two beds. Please note that this price is for the whole room and the person who books a room, can decide if he wishes to sleep there on his own or share it with other people. Also it’s okay to share the room with friends sleeping on the floor with their own equipment (additionally to the two beds in the room). It is possible to book a room beforehand (by transferring the extra charge also to our bank account) or it is also possible just to decide after arrival and pay in cash.

Information for driving there: you need to exit Tallinn by the Peterburi maantee towards Narva. In case we start counting from the beginning of Peterburi maantee at Ülemiste, you need to drive 56 km and then turn left towards Valgejõe. After driving this road 2,4 km and reaching Valgejõe village, you need to turn left towards Kotka. After driving 4,1 km more you need to turn right towards Nõmmeveski. By continuing for 1,2 km you reach a crossing of four roads, from where you need to choose the one going just straight forward (this is the smallest exit of the crossing). From there, you reach the yard of Nõmmeveski guesthouse.

In case you are a Facebook user, also attend this event at its Facebook event page. It is also possible to search or offer transportation to the event on this page.