Information and registration 2016

Eestikeelne 2016. aasta Tipikate Rattamatka info- ja registreerimisleht asub siin.

TTU Bike Trip 2016

New places, cool people, excursions, tenting, campfire, evening-dancing, a lot of students and new friends. That’s what this trip is all about!

TTU Bike Trip takes place from 29th to 31st of July in Viljandi County, the strong group starts in the morning of 28th of July from the front door of TTU. For the main group, the cycling starts from Heimtali in Viljandi County on Friday morning and ends in Õisu on Sunday.

Main participation fee

The trip’s main participation fee includes:

  • Six proper meals (lunch and dinner on Friday; breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday; breakfast on Sunday).
  • Snacks at Sunday noon.
  • Luggage transportation and support car help from Friday to Sunday.
  • Tenting place for both nights.
  • Campfire for at least one night.
  • Shower possibility at least on Saturday night.
  • Music and dancing on Saturday night.
  • Textile trip emblem for all participants.
  • Printed trip map and other information for all participants.
  • Sightseeing enterance fees that are in the main program (might not apply to all sightseeings that are on the way).
  • Our main participation fee includes every year additional benefits and entertainment, which depend on the specialty of the current trip and which we will announce during organizing the event (for example saunas at the campsite, some degustation, etc).

Please be aware that the main participation fee does not include the transportation of person nor bicycle from Tallinn to the trip area nor back from there. Who wants to use our organized transportation, can do it for additional fee. This subject is discussed in a separate chapter below.

Registration consists of two steps:

  1. Filling in the form at the bottom of this page.
  2. Paying the main fee with a wire transfer to our account EE501010220085505015 (recipient’s name is Tipikate Rattamatkaklubi; the account is in SEB bank).

Registration date will be the one that is later of these two steps, keep that in mind when considering the amount of main fee! Also please keep in mind that we try to organize the trip in a way we could accept all the participants registering latest on 27th of July, but we leave ourselves the right to close registration before this deadline in case important limits appear.

  • Main fee until 17.07 – 65€ (full price) / 35€ (TTU Student price)
  • Main fee from 18.07 to 24.07 – 70€ (full price) / 40€ (TTU Student price)
  • Main fee from 25.07 to 27.07 – 75€ (full price) / 45€ (TTU Student price)
  • In case you want to signal us, that the trip is just awesome, would be worth even more and would like to make it easier for us to get the budget together, you may pay latest on 17th of July 75€ (full price) / 45€ (TTU Student price) as the main participation fee. We consider this as a support package and from our side will guarantee that should there be any reason you wish to resign from the trip and tell us latest on 27th of July, you will get all your money back :)

TTU Student price is for TTU stationary students only (excluding PhD) who are still in the TTU list on 17th of July. If you are a student and want to get the discount, fill in your student code on the registration form.

Participation is personal and is valid only for the person whose personal data is on the registration form. Participants are required to bring their ID to the event and reveal it if needed. Organizers can remove participants who have entered wrong information about themselves. In such case, the fee is not refunded. You can change your registration data until 27th of July by mailing to You can transfer already paid fees to another participant if you can’t come to the trip. If you can’t come to the trip and want to get your money back, you have to get an agreement with the management board of TTU Adventure Cycling Club. In such case, at least a service charge of 5€ applies. An exception to this are the owners of the support package – we will guarantee for these people that in case they tell us latest on 27th of July that they can’t come, we will refund the whole amount paid (main fee, transportation fee).


Transportation to the trip and back

TTU Adventure Cycling Club organizes a bus and lorry for passenger and bicycle transportation, which take the main group from Tallinn to Heimtali in Viljandi County on Friday morning and bring back from Õisu to Tallinn on Sunday evening. Gathering time on Friday morning is 7:00 and the time for reaching back to TTU is around 22:30 on Sunday evening. It is possible to use the organized transportation only on the way there or only on the way back or on both ways. On Friday morning, we have a 55-seat bus and on Sunday evening, there will we two buses with 50 + 20 seats. These numbers should be sufficient to offer transportation also for those registering in the last minute. The prices for transportation, paid after 17th of July, are as follows (these include transportation for both the participant and his/her bicycle):

  • On Friday from TTU to Heimtali in Viljandi County – 22€ (full price) / 12€ (TTU Student price)
  • On Sunday from Õisu in Viljandi County to TTU – 22€ (full price) / 12€ (TTU Student price)

Those who don’t want to use our transportation can come to Heimtali on Friday morning and leave from Õisu on Sunday evening on their own. For people arriving with their own cars, we suggest to leave the vehicles to the starting point in Heimtali – there are large free parking lots near the manor (near address Ridaelamu tee 4, Heimtali, Viljandi parish, Viljandi County). On Sunday, when the trip ends at Õisu, the people arriving with their own transportation can cycle back to Heimtali to their cars – this is 18 km on asphalt road or 15 km on gravel roads. It should be pointed out, that these people don’t need to cycle this way with all their luggage, but we offer for all the participants many options for leaving their luggage on our support van before the event and also for getting back after. It is possible to give your luggage for transportation in front of TTU on Wednesday evening at 20:00, in front of TTU on Thursday evening at 20:00, in front of TTU on Friday morning at 7:00, in Heimtali on Friday morning at 10:20 and of course during many later stops during the event. It is possible to get back your luggage after the event at Õisu (the ending point of the trip in Viljandi County), after that at Heimtali (the starting point of the trip in Viljandi County) and later in front of TTU in Tallinn on Sunday evening at 22:30. NB! On Sunday morning, it is necessary to put your luggage in the correct pile, so we can make sure you can get it back in the location you wished!

Who feels that cycling 15-18 km from Õisu to Heimtali on Sunday evening is too much, we offer additional transportation from Õisu to Heimtali for 8€, so people arriving with their own cars can get back to their cars on Sunday after the trip has ended. This price includes transportation both for the person and bicycle. To register for this transportation, please send an e-mail to Jaanus (


The strong group

Strong group does not need transportation to the starting place – they start already on Thursday morning from the front door of TTU and cycle to the starting point in Viljandi County. Strong group members have to pay additional fee – 15€ (full price) / 5€ (TTU Student price), which includes support car assistance on Thursday, using a pre-booked and paid tentsite on Thursday night and two meals (dinner and breakfast) at the campsite. Support car transports strong group’s luggage, helps with problems related to health and bikes and offers transportation in case of discontinuing. Different from the other days of the trip, strong group can access their luggage on the support car during stops on Thursday. Please note that we will not provide food during cycling on Thursday, so you need to buy it on your own from shops and diners on the way.



The main participation fee includes a place for your tent on both nights. Who wishes to sleep in a bed instead, there are some places in camping houses on Friday evening for additional fee (including the bed linen). For Saturday evening we have some places in a large holiday house for additional fee, but you need to bring your own sleeping equipment and be ready to sleep “where you find your place”. You can ask more about this topic from Jaanus (


Additional information

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Event is sponsored by TTU Student Union.