Schedule 2016

Eestikeelne Tipikate Rattamatka ajakava asub siin.

This is the web version of the Schedule. At the event, we will give the following printed material to every participant:

  • Booklet in A5 format, which contains both the schedule and detailed route description. You can read the content here (only in Estonian).
  • Color map in A3 format.

You can check out the exact route on Google maps (purple lines are route for the main group, red ones mean possible additional routes, alternative routes and hiking trails.

Schedule for the main group:

Thursday, 28th of July 2016

20:00 – 20:30 You may bring your luggage to the luggage van in front of the TTU main building.

Friday, 29th of July 2016

7:00 – 7:25 Assembling at the parking lot in front of the TTU main building. Luggage and bikes will be loaded to luggage van and a truck respectively.
7:25 – 7:30 Boarding the bus.
7:30 – 10:20 Bus drive from the TTU main building to Heimtali in Viljandi County. One 20-25 minute break for toilet and stretching is planned on the way.
10:20 – 11:00 Unloading the bikes from the truck at Heimtali, the luggage van collects more luggage. Getting ready for the bike trip. Fastest have time to look around in the beautiful Heimtali.
11:00 – 11:15 Bike ride Heimtali – Lake Sinialliku (4.3 km, from which 3.7 is paved road and 0.6 km forest trail).
11:15 – 11:30 Little break at Sinialliku hillfort. Those who want, can take a quick dip in Lake Sinialliku.
11:30 – 11:55 Bike ride Sinialliku – Loodi (5.5 km, from which 1.4 km is forest trail, 3.6 km paved road and 0.5 km gravel road).
11:55 – 12:10 Bike ride Loodi – Paistu. Main group has the opportunity to see old valley and then ride around it on forest trails and gravel roads (2.3 km, from which 1.5 km is forest trail and 0.8 km gravel road). More serious bicyclists can make a shortcut and drag their bikes through the valley (1.6 km, from which 0.7 km is forest trail and 0.9 km gravel road).
12:10 – 12:40 Bike ride Paistu – Holstre-Polli (4.1 km, from which 0.9 km is paved road, 1.1 km gravel road and 2.1 km forest trail). The ride takes us through Vana-Polli farmyard (permission is acquired) and along Polli hiking and ski trails. Paistu has a grocery store, but visiting it is not on the itinerary, so who wants to do that, must do so at the expense of other activities.
12:40 – 13:00 Chance to visit Holstre-Polli great watchtower.
13:00 – 13:10 Bike ride Holstre-Polli – Holstre (2.2 km of paved road).
13:10 – 14:05 Lunch at Lake Holstre resting- and swimming site (potato and barley porridge, bread, juice, included in the participation fee). Chance to swim. Who wishes and can spare the time can visit Holstre grocery store 0.2 km away.
14:05 – 14:45 Bike ride Holstre-Polli – Ennuksemäe (9.7 km, from which 4.6 km is paved road and 5.1 km gravel road).
14.45 – 16.15 Hike to the bunker of an Ennuksemäe Forest Brother, tour in the bunker, hike back. There is 1.3 km of forest trail from the parking lot to the bunker, there’s no point to go there by bike, while some of the trail is watery and muddy. The history of the bunker is told us by Olev Kallas. A tasting also takes place (included in the participation fee).
16:15 – 17:00 Bike ride Ennuksemäe – Tuhalaane (11.7 km, from which 7.3 km is gravel road and 4.4 km paved road).
17:00 – 17:45 At Tuhalaane swimming site Kristi Ilves tells us about Mulgi’s Institute of Culture, the topic of course Mulgimaa. Swimming opportunity.
17:45 – 18:25 Bike ride Tuhalaane – Polli (10.3 km, from which 1.5 km is paved road and 8.8 km gravel road). Along the way we can see Ott’s apple-tree grown wild.
18:25 – 19:25 Bike ride through Polli Horticulture Research Centre up to the main building. The Centre is introduced to us by Uko Bleive. A little tasting experience takes place (included in the participation fee).
19:25 – 19:40 Bike ride Polli – Karksi-Nuia (3.4 km of paved road). Along the ride is a swimming site.
19:40 – 20:10 Those who wish, can shop at Karksi-Nuia grocery store.
20:10 – 20:30 Bike ride Karksi-Nuia – Ainja (4.6 km, from which 4.2 km is paved road and 0.4 km forest trail).
20:30 – 21:00 Setting up camp in Kiini farm holiday village, which is situated at the shore of the beautiful Lake Ainja, which is also a swimming site.
20:00 – 23:00 BBQ and dinner (grilled pork, chicken, sausages, bread, tomato, cucumber, all included in the participation fee). Sauna and washing possibilities are existent, although spartan.
23.00 – … Camp fire and live music.

Friday’s bike ride is 62 km, from which 29 km is paved road, 26 km gravel road and 7 km forest trail. In addition to that there’s a 2.6 km hike to the Ennuksemäe bunker and back.


Saturday, 30th of July 2016

8:00 – 10:00 Wake-up, breakfast (porridge with jam, sandwich makings, coffee, tea, juice; included in the participation fee), packing up camp.
10:00 – 10:50 Bike ride Ainja – Taagepera (11.9 km, from which 0.4 km is forest trail, 7.3 km paved road and 4.2 km gravel road). Speedier can visit Ala A and O grocery store.
10:50 – 11:50 Visiting the Taagepera Castle. The local guide is booked and will be paid by TTU Adventure Cycling Club, the entrance fee of 2€ will be paid by everyone who wishes to visit the castle.
11:50 – 12:15 Bike ride Taagepera – Tündre (6.4 km, from which 6.1 km is gravel road, 0.1 km paved road and 0.2 km forest trail).
12:15 – 12:25 Quick dip in Lake Tündre possible.
12:25 – 13:15 Bike ride Tündre – Lilli (10 km, from which 6.5 km is gravel road, 2.4 km forest trail and 1.1 km paved road). Speedier have the chance to drop by a resting- and swimming site at Lake Alatsi – a very beautiful bog lake.
13:15 – 14:35 Lunch at Lilli Nature Centre (potato, schnitzel, gravy, salad, juice, included in the participation fee). Ly Laanemets tells us about Lilli Nature Centre’s activities.
14:35 – 15:40 Bike ride Lilli – Penuja (15.8 km, from which 1.8 km is paved road and 14 km gravel road).
15:40 – 15:55 Break at Penuja village square.
15:55 – 16:45 Bike ride Penuja – Pajumäe (11.8 km, from which 3.9 km is paved road, 2.6 km forest trail and 5.3 km gravel road).
Who wishes to make a shortcut a la Jaanus and is ready for surprises that sometimes arise during our evening bike rides, can cut this road segment (perhaps) 2.5 km shorter. It will be a bona fide thrill, for 700 metres of this trail is uncharted by us. We only have indirect pieces of information like “it could be travel worthy”.
16.45 – 18.00 Visiting Pajumäe farm, a little tasting is presented.
18.00 – 18.45 Bike ride Pajumäe – Mõisaküla (11 km, from which 10.7 km is gravel road and 0.3 km paved road).
18:45 – 19:20 Possibility to shop at a grocery store in Mõisaküla. NB! The main grocery store A and O is usually closed at 19.00 on Saturdays and they will not keep it open until later despite our pleas – so only the speedier have the chance to go there. As an alternative there is a little shop called Elkar (100 metres ahead at Pärnu 43 Mõisaküla). Elkar is open until 21.00.
19:20 – 20:00 Bike ride Mõisaküla – Raamatu küla (9.9 km, from which 1.7 km is paved road and 8.2 gravel road).
20:00 – 21:00 Setting up camp at Kaie’s farmyard (Raamatu village, Abja parish, Viljandi County).
19:30 – 22:00 Dinner (rich Russian meat soup “seljanka” with sour cream and bread, included in the participation fee).
21:00 – … We have the use of wood burning sauna and a tent sauna erected at the bank of the local pond. Shower available. Earlier Bike Trip snapshots are shown on a screen.
23:00 – 0:00 A band named “Who Kris?” gives a performance. It’s a solo project of an Estonian-Spanish singer Kristin, which includes soul, Latin rhythms, RnB and a little folk music thrown in.
0:00 – … DJ Aiks.

Saturday’s bike ride is about 77 km, from which 16 km is paved road, 55 km gravel road and 6 km forest trail.


Sunday, 31st of July 2016

9:00 – 11:00 Wake-up, breakfast (porridge with jam, sandwich makings, coffee, tea, juice; included in the participation fee), packing up camp.
11:00 – 11:45 Bike ride Raamatu village – Mõisaküla (9.9 km, from which 1.7 is paved road and 8.2 gravel road).
11:45 – 12:45 Visiting Mõisaküla Museum (included in the participation fee). Head of the museum Anu Laarmann tells us about Mõisaküla and the museum.
12:45 – 13:45 Bike ride Mõisaküla – Paudi farm (13.4 km, from which 2.8 km is paved road, 7 km gravel road and 3.6 km forest trail). The ride takes us along the narrow-gauge railroad embankment to the Laatre station house, which today is privately held. We have permission to pass through the Mere real estate, but please close the gate after yourself.
13:45 – 14:15 Support van offers snacks (included in the participation fee). Please be aware that unlike on two previous days it is not a square meal, so you probably need to buy additional food in grocery stores or cafes/diners in Abja-Paluoja.
14:15 – 15:15 Paudi farm offers us the chance to see old age forestry tools. A person from Ojapera village society tells us about cultural heritage. Chance to hike along the cultural heritage trail.
15:15 – 15:35 Bike ride Paudi – Abja-Paluoja (5.6 km, from which 0.2 km forest trail, 2.6 km gravel road and 2.7 km paved road).
15:35 – 16:30 Activities in Abja-Paluoja at your own. You can go to Abja-Paluoja swimming site, visit shops and cafes (2 km of paved road). Abja-Paluoja has two diners and they both are informed of our interest. Mulgi tavern is at Pärnu mnt 14 Abja Paluoja and Triinu pub’s at Jaama 2 Abja Paluoja. NB! Abja-Paluoja is the last place on our trip on Sunday that offers shopping and diners.
16:30 – 18:00 Bike ride Abja-Paluoja – Halliste – Õisu. You can take the paved road from Abja-Paluoja to Halliste or ride along a longer but more interesting road, which passes by the Abja manor house and takes us along the Indu hiking trail with its new pedestrian bridge across the Halliste river (16.2 km, from which 11.3 km is paved road, 2.5 gravel road and 2.4 forest trail.
18:00 – 19:00 Opportunity to visit bird watching tower on the banks of Lake Õisu and hike along Õisu hiking trail, along which are the outcrops of the so-called Põlva County Taevaskoja. It’s a varied trail with lots of stairs and watch towers.
18:15 People with their own transportation, who wish to collect their luggage from the luggage van at our starting point at Heimtal, shoud be heading from Õisu to Heimtal right about now.
19:00 – 19:25 Loading the bikes on a truck in Õisu.
19:25 – 19:30 Boarding the bus.
19:25 – 19:40 Luggage van hands out luggage in Heimtali to people with their own tranpostation.
19:30 – 22:30 Bus drive from Õisu, Viljandi County to Tallinn, TTU’s main building. A toilet and stretching break of 20-25 minutes is planned on the way.
22:30 – 23:00 Unloading the bikes and handing out luggage.

Sunday’s bike ride is 50km, from which 24 is paved road, 20 km gravel road and 6 km forest trail.


Schedule for the strong group:

Wednesday, 27th of July 2016

20:00 – 20:15 You may bring your luggage to the luggage van in front of the TTU main building.

Thursday, 28th of July 2016

9:00 – 9:30 Assembling at the parking lot in front of the TTU main building. Luggage van collects luggage, snapshots are taken and general fooling around takes place. Simultaneously preparations for the ride are made.
9:30 – 19:30 Strong group bike ride from TTU main building to the Holiday Centre of Lake Võistre (151 km, from which 149 km is paved road and 2 km gravel road).
19:30 – … Strong group sets up camp on the territory of Lake Võistre Holiday Centre (included in the strong group fee). Sauna, washing, swimming, BBQ and dinner are available (all included in the strong group fee).

Thursday’s bike ride is 151 km, from which 149 km is paved road and 2 km gravel road.

Friday, 29th of July 2016

7:30 – 9:00 Wake-up, breakfast (included in the strong group fee), packing up camp.
9:00 – 10:20 Bike ride to the starting point of the main group (20 km, from which 2 km is gravel road and 18 km paved road).
10:20 – Meeting up with the main group.

Bike ride before meeting up with the main group is 20 km, from which 2 km is gravel road and 18 km paved road.

Photo: The start of strong group on 30th of July 2015, when they cycled to Põlva County.