TTU Bike Trip

Eestikeelne Tipikate Rattamatka üldkirjeldus asub siin.

This is the oldest and biggest event that TTU Adventure Cycling Club annually organizes. It has become an important tradition for the university as a whole and involves also students and alumni from other universities. Three days of excellent active vacation that includes relaxation, sports, engineering and of course simply enjoying the summer in good company. The trip is a great way to see what is happening in different parts of Estonia and also offers ample opportunity to get to know other active people.

For the main group TTU Bike Trip lasts from Friday morning to Sunday evening and in that time about 200 kilometres are covered. The strong group traditionally starts the trip a day earlier in front of TTU and cycles from there to the starting point of the main trip. Friday night is usually spent around campfire, grilling and making music. Saturday night is reserved for the dance party, complete with proper sound, light and DJ equipment.

Every year around a hundred people take part of this trip and even the rector of TTU has participated. Arrangements for the trip are made with great care and every small detail is polished. Some examples of how the participants have described this event are as follows:

  • The whole trip was as like in a movie.
  • Super good organization.
  • The schedule was exceptionally realistic, everything happened according to this.
  • Every event is special and super cool.
  • I fully enjoyed the trip.
  • The participants have only to pedal, be jolly and communicate with new interesting people; everything else has been done for you.

The events that have taken place up to now:

  1. Võru County (2001)
  2. Viljandi County (2002)
  3. Rapla and Järva Counties (2003)
  4. The shore of lake Peipus and Seto area (2004)
  5. Ida-Viru and Lääne-Viru Counties (2005)
  6. Pärnu County (2006)
  7. Hiiumaa Island (2007)
  8. Saaremaa Island (2008)
  9. Jõgeva County (2009)
  10. Lääne County, including the Vormsi Island (2010)
  11. Valga County, additionally a brief visit to Latvia was made (2011)
  12. Ida-Viru County (2012)
  13. Võru County, additionally a brief visit to Latvia was made (2013)
  14. Southern part of Pärnu County, additionally a brief visit to Latvia was made (2014)
  15. Põlva County (2015)
  16. Viljandi County (2016)
  17. Lääne-Viru County (2017)