English information

TalTech Adventure Cycling Club is the bicycle organization of Tallinn University of Technology. We organize bike rides, cycling trips and other events almost throughout the year. Our goal is to organize interesting events that join people related to the university and allow the participants to spend some active and athletic free time. As the bicycle organization of Tallinn University of Technology, we direct most of our advertising to the channels related to TalTech and therefore it is natural that most of the people taking part of our events are TalTech students, alumni and employees. Despite of that, we don’t set any limits to the participants, our events attract also other people and we welcome everyone interested in cycling.

In 2015 and 2016, we tried to offer information about our events also in English – in the hope that foreign students could also join then. There were some people, who occasionally joined our events, but their number was low. In 2017, we decided that translating all the information is just too big effort. So unfortunately, the current status is, we don’t offer regular information about our events in English.

Despite of that – in case you are interested in joining our events, Google Translate may be your friend. Also – you are always welcome to ask questions about our events in English. Below you will find some information about our events in 2015 and 2016, which were translated into English, to get an idea about what we are doing in general.

For getting up-to-date information about our activities, you can follow our Facebook page and subscribe to our Estonian language newsletter. Please note that in this newsletter, all the technical information for subscribing is available also in English and each e-mail you get, has also an English footer that allows you to unsubscribe or modify the settings. In case you have questions or need clarification, you are always welcome to ask.