Journey from Tallinn to Kääriku

Eestikeelne Tallinn-Kääriku Retke üldkirjeldus asub siin.

This is one of the oldest and sportiest tradition of TTU Adventure Cycling Club where the flag of TTU is brought on bikes from TTU to the Student Summer Games at Kääriku. This trip starts usually with the dawn, the distance is about 250 km and depending on the wind and other conditions, in most cases it is ridden in 16 to 20 hours, on one extraordinary occasion in the past it took 22 hours. This project shows sporty spirit of TTU students, allows to test yourself in difficult conditions and to be a role model for other students to be more active. The event has been organized since 2003, conditions have been very different during the years and different roads have been ridden there: Viljandi, Tartu and Piibe highways. During previous trips there have been a few who didn’t make it, but the flag of TTU has always finished at Kääriku.

The tradition of Kääriku trips started in 2003 with four students wondering if this kind of trip is even possible to take on bikes in one day. None of them had ever rode such a long distance on bike before. Tõnu had ridden 140 km in a day, Indrek 120 km, Arno and Aivar under 100 km. First trip went well and everybody made it to the end. Now we have offered this opportunity to test yourself for a lot of students and that is how we see the future of this tradition. This is not an event for professional cyclists to compete with one another. We always welcome new participants who ride the bike frequently, who don’t have a problem to ride through different trips and who want to know if riding 250 kilometers in a day is possible. Stronger cyclists can have a mission to ride with a big flag (TTU flag and flag of the TTU Adventure Cycling Club) attached to their bikes and also we always welcome active students whose way of riding from Tallinn to Kääriku would make a subject for years.

Kääriku trip is the only event for TTU Adventure Cycling Club that’s happening date isn’t ours to set. It depends on the date that Kääriku Summer Games are held at. Traditionally it’s a weekend at the end of June or beginning of July and our bike trip is held on Friday – the first day of Summer Games.

For exchanging information about Kääriku trips there is an e-mail list: 250 [ät] To join this list, please send a free-form message “wish to join” to the same list. Please be aware, that the list is mostly Estonian, but feel free to post in English and you will get answers to your questions in English.